Digital Media in Venues, Leisure & Tourism

Creating a unique selling point in the modern restaurant and bar has become increasingly important as customer expendable incomes diminish. Some choose to create a differentiator by offering new and interesting menu choices, some by showing a variety of live sport or music, whilst others stick to tried and tested drinks offers, ‘early bird’ pricing and happy hours.

Communicating these differentiators to your clientele and also to passing trade becomes vital if you are to increase average footfall into your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar or Pub. By utilisation of a digital media solution you gain both an outstanding communications tool and a unique identifier.

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Specials boards, promos & offers
With use of a digital signage system your entire week’s specials, promos and offers can all be displayed on a TV menu board, fully branded in your identity, scrolling to allow each its own time on screen; with TV integrated into your messaging.

You can even schedule for a specific offer to appear at a specific time on a set date or instantly update all screens at the touch of a button through the Tripleplay Events feature.

Keeping everybody happy all the time
TripleSign digital signage solution opens up easy access to the provision of IPTV within your venue. Enabling you to stream high quality TV and satellite images to every TV or projector with the ability, should you choose, to show something different on every single screen; ensuring all of your customers are happy to stay a while.

No longer would you have to face the prospect of patrons turning their back on your venue because you have chosen to show the events they don’t wish to watch; their disposable income is spent with you and not somebody else.

Share all special events with all of your guests
Utilising TripleLive with our TV and VOD solutions it is also possible to stream live performances from your venue to all of your TV screens whilst simultaneously recording to a video on demand management system.

This enables the opportunity to ensure all audience members have a great view and allows you to share content post event for promotion.

Control from wherever, whenever by whomever
The key to ensuring any digital media solution works within any venue is ensuring that the correct and appropriate controls are accessible at the right time and by the right means.

With the Tripleplay system both digital signage and IPTV can be updated and edited via a web browser. This means that changes and amends to signage can be made at any time from a PC or tablet; ensuring you can keep the system updated wherever you are in the world.

Also, by adding the events engine to the signage system you can hand over control of special offers and special promotional messages to trusted staff. All accessed via a web browser, smart phone or tablet from the bar, kitchen or restaurant floor.

Tripleplay complete IP digital media solutions are fully scalable, making us the perfect partner for any venue of any size, with any media requirement.