Digital Media in Retail

Shopper behaviour has evolved over the decades in line with the changing nature of retail around the world. In the recent past the industry has begun to see a very defined switch in consumer conduct, this is largely attributed to the development and advancement in online shopping and the availability of mobile internet.

Many consumers will now happily browse in store, then search online and purchase an item elsewhere for a lower cost. Some never leave home and simply go for the cheapest online rate they can find, their only point of reference for a product’s quality being online reviews and video clips.

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In order to negate the problems this brings, retailers have been forced to adapt and to get creative with their in-store marketing and promotions; including the utilisation of digital media solutions, digital signage, video streaming and mobile device sharing.

In-Store Promotion Through Sale Displays
Tripleplay’s range of digital media solutions is generating greater client interaction and increased revenue with the retail market. 

Our complete solution delivers TV, video on demand content, digital signage and full content management ensuring that stores and outlets can simply and efficiently present any form of media onto a variety of platforms including TVs, monitors, touch screens and any other AV equipment via a single IP network.

Digital signage can be implemented onto either permanent fixed TVs in your store, or onto demonstration and shelf stock of laptops and TVs. In doing this you open an additional way to promote special offers, value propositions and promotions, offering special offers or services if products are purchased in-store rather than online.

The same signage solution can also be utilised in staff areas, ensuring that your team are also fully aware and notified of new product launches and offers, aiding internal communications and training.

Engage Customers by Empowering Sales Staff
By integrating touch screen control of video on demand content for both sales staff and customers you can also create a greater level of engagement in-store, speeding up the decision making process and potentially increasing revenue.

Through a fully branded tablet interface your sales team can instantly stream videos or switch playlists to show whatever the customer wants to see. 

If the customer has interest in a holiday to Cuba then at the touch of a button your staff can play Cuban promotional videos on any screen they like, if the customer wants to know if the picture quality of a TV is good enough for hi-definition gaming the sales rep can switch the source to a games console input.

This functionality creates a high level of flexibility for sales staff and provides them the tools to be able to sell more effectively and is a great value add for the in-store shopper.

Get campaigns to the shop floor faster
Aside from the benefits on the shop floor, by utilising digital signage in place of traditional promotional posters or banners, there will also be substantial improvements in terms of campaign delivery times and costs; it is also much friendlier in environmental terms.

Once a poster is designed it only needs to be emailed to an administrator who can instantly upload to any screen required at the touch of a button. 

Tripleplay’s digital media solutions help you to create a more dynamic sales platform for increasing sales and revenue, whilst also creating a more informative, personal and enjoyable purchasing experience.

At Tripleplay we are committed to delivering cost effective and easy to use systems that improve awareness and interest in your products, resulting in increased customer communication and spend.