Digital Media in Mining

The inclusion of Digital Media into the everyday working of a mine has enabled the industry to improve many aspects of the daily lives of its employees. This includes improving communication channels, providing a technological edge in the working environment and high quality entertainment during social hours. 

Providing an integrated mix of Digital Signage, IPTV and Video on Demand streaming, Tripleplay’s solutions can be easily integrated into all areas of a mine’s operation, whether needed within accommodation facilities, social areas, training rooms or the mining site itself.

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Providing many of the same features that your employees are used to at home, our digital media solutions will help to keep existing staff happy, aiding in retention of people with key knowledge and expertise.

Looking after Miner welfare
With Miners working long shifts and spending long periods of time away from friends and family, it is important to ensure that they are provided with suitable and varied entertainment facilities in their personal time. 

Using the TripleChoice Media Portal every employee can benefit from access to live free-to-air, digital and satellite TV via their in-room TV or any IP enabled device; they can also be given access to encrypted content, movies and sports channels. 

To ensure employees have a home-from-home experience, they can also be allowed live TV recording, pause, rewind and fast forwarding in the same way they would at home, whilst it is also possible to stream content to personal IP enabled devices.

In-room TVs can also be used to promote on-site events and entertainment offerings, enabling the user to book services directly through their TV.

Improving communications
Tripleplay solutions also offer improvements to the everyday working environment for all of your staff, enabling improved communications and information sharing across site.

By implementing a digital signage solution and utilising a mix of video, text, image and audio all communications messages will carry more impact and help to catch the eye of your audience, making it much simpler to spread news.

Through the utilisation of digital signage around a mining site, it becomes incredibly simple to promote on-site services, events, canteen menus and entertainment offerings in communal areas, ensuring a wide audience is reached in the most time efficient manner.

Staff Training and Inductions
As the Tripleplay video on demand and IPTV solution is all controlled from a single management interface, it is very easy to personalise for every employee and monitor content access. This means that you can provide access to training and induction video content either via the employee’s in-room TV, laptop or IP enabled mobile device. 

Once an employee has watched content it will be time stamped against their profile, giving your human resources staff confidence that the employee has viewed and partaken in appropriate training.

Additionally, through the utilisation of the mobile streaming solution, TripleStream, training videos and instructions can be shared with staff across your site. This provides the opportunity to maintain business operations when things go wrong and to ensure your team have all the resources they need when on-site.

The Tripleplay complete IP digital media solution has many parts to play in the mining world.