Digital Media in Maritime, Energy, Oil & Gas

Welfare of passengers and crew on any marine vessel or off-shore rig is a high priority for all maritime organisations around the world. Crew often spend weeks and months in the open sea, isolating them from their family and friends and segregating them from the outside world. The challenge is to keep them happy and on-board morale high.

Paramount to creating a comfortable and enjoyable working and living environment for all is to provide some of the basic home comforts that voyagers will miss the most; TV and movie services can be just the start.

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On-Board Staff Entertainment
Tripleplay provides a modular maritime IP based in-room and on-ship entertainment solution which has been carefully designed to serve the welfare of all crew of all nationalities in all maritime environments.

Powered through the Tripleplay head-end server, any organisation can provide TV services to each and every staff bedroom and communal area over an IP network, multicasting channels in either HD or SD quality.

Utilising our comprehensive yet simple central management system, you can choose which channels every member of staff has access to, enabling you to supply premium sports and movie channels or specific foreign language channels on request.

It is even possible to enable your people to record and store live TV channels for later playback, ensuring that they never miss their favourite shows regardless of what shift they are working, creating a true home from home experience.

Any content to any device
Through the same TV portal staff can also be provided with a wide variety of video on demand content, allowing you to supply in-room training, safety and induction content, pre-recorded TV series or Hollywood blockbuster movies.

The system also operates an intelligent TV setting memory function, meaning that wherever you move around the globe, your previous satellite footprints are stored when you leave an area and instantly restored when you’re back; saving valuable operation time.

Promote Events, Services and News
In addition, through the TripleSign Digital Signage solution you can turn all TVs throughout the ship into information notice boards, promoting up-coming social events, important dates, vital safety information and major announcements. 

TripleSign can even be integrated into event management systems meaning that all TVs can be muted and overridden for important announcements, turning your system into a full ‘infotainment’ solution.

Proving its versatility, the Tripleplay maritime solution can also be interfaced into CCTV systems for playback and record and can be enabled for bring your own device (BYOD) and bring your own content (BYOC) giving your staff the opportunity to play their own content via their room TV directly from their personal Smart Phone or Tablet PC without the need for extra hardware or cabling.

Tripleplay has vast experience in providing solutions to all manner of maritime environments including international navy frigates and aircraft carriers, accommodation rigs, pilot station vessels, nuclear transport carriers, survey, platform supply and cable laying vessels.

The Tripleplay complete IP digital media solution is perfect for any maritime media requirement.