Digital Media in Healthcare

Harnessing digital media applications in the medical and healthcare industry is something that can bring benefit to a number of areas, whether improved internal communications, heightened patient awareness and satisfaction or increased convenience for clinical and medical staff, there is benefit to be derived for all areas of operation.

Tripleplay’s digital media services for healthcare include digital signage, IPTV, video on demand, mobile streaming and TV entertainment solutions all delivered via your internal IP network.

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Improved communications
Using a mixture of static image, video, live TV, RSS feed and text to present messaging of any nature, the dissemination of all types of information; emergency exit instructions, security messages, advertisements of services, waiting times, opening hours or wayfinding is much simpler. Digital Signage can reduce time burden upon staff, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Digital Signage can also become a vital tool in the fight to reduce patient visits to a GP or to ER by providing a platform to communicate. Digital Signage can be used to educate patients of the costs and financial commitments the health service has to endure as a result of the patient visit; information that they would otherwise not engage with.

Aside from operational advancements through digital signage, by integrating TripleSign Digital Signage into the TripleTV IPTV solution you can also entertain and relax patients in waiting rooms by providing live TV coverage of any free-to-air or satellite channel.

Training and Professional Development
Utilising a video on demand streaming solution from Tripleplay can enable access to video training content for all staff via a TV portal solution in common areas or staff rooms. Alternately by laptop, tablet or smart phone on or off site, giving your people full control over the environment they feel most happy and comfortable to learn in.

Tripleplay’s management system makes it possible to monitor when and by whom videos are watched, making it much easier for HR staff to keep track of training records and ensure that compliance is maintained. By adding integration into our TripleLive solution we can enable the viewing of live lectures or procedures by as many employees as necessary, creating greater opportunity for learning.

In addition, links to video content explaining post-procedural care can be supplied to patients upon leaving a healthcare facility, ensuring there is a level of aftercare and training available for both the patient and for their family.

Bedside TV
Tripleplay has a fantastic track-record in providing TV and entertainment to all environments, health and aged care are no different. Our solutions have been used around the world to provide live free-to-air, subscription and satellite TV channels and video on demand movie content.

Bedside TV can create extra revenue for a hospital, whilst also improving patient experience.

A healthy patient experience
Regardless of how many times a patient visits their doctor the experience can still be a stressful and daunting one. The ability to put an outpatient at ease by creating a relaxing environment can be the difference between a positive and a negative experience.

Using digital signage for wayfinding, information sharing and live TV can help to relax waiting areas, whilst utilizing a TV portal solution, complete with VOD, hospital information, food ordering and messaging functionality for in-patients, can offer an element of control for those undergoing care.

Integrating into the bedside terminal and Nurse Call systems, harnessing existing investment and ensuring the solution adheres to hospital security permissions, policies and procedures.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved staff and patient communications
  • Reduce patient admissions
  • Flexible approach to delivery of training materials
  • Live video streaming and archiving from operating theatre
  • BYOD enabled to allow patients home-from-home experience
  • Provide patients with access to live TV, video on demand and important information
  • Access all video content via an IP enabled device
  • Create a welcoming and engaging environment
  • Enable the provision of video aftercare training for patients and families
  • Allow patients to order services and meals or to communicate through bedside terminal
  • Provide bedside TV

Our customers include Pathways Aged Care, University Hospital of Antwerp and St. Louis Estates among others. Tripleplay's complete IP digital media solutions will help you to care for the people most important to you; your staff and patients.