Digital Media in Government

Being a front line public service organisation brings with it a number of challenges. Your employee have to be up-to-the-minute with local and national news and legislation, they must provide face to face service to members of the public and must be provided with suitable training and professional development throughout their careers.

Through the use of digital media many government departments and councils have looked to streamline some of these processes and remove some burden from the shoulders of staff; making the customer or visitor experience a much smoother and enjoyable one.

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Wayfinding, Information Sharing & Promotion
Utilising images, live TV, video, scrolling or static text, RSS feed or calendar inputs the digital signage solution can also be used to provide information on your department, the local area, the building you are in, services you offer, room availability or office opening times.

Digital Signage is also a hugely effective and impacting medium by which to promote special services or events, creating a more engaging message.

Staff Training and Development
Our solution can be used to capture, archive and stream video content from any location on your network to any device or screen you choose. Allowing training to be multicast live to TVs around site and in meeting rooms or to desktop PCs and laptops enabling many more members of your team to partake.

These sessions can also be archived for later playback, or added to an intranet to ensure they reach a wide audience and managed in a VOD directory alongside recorded TV footage.

By integration into LDAP or Active Directory our solution allows the monitoring of all video views, providing a report on who has watched what, when and on what device; enabling training records to be kept up-to-date.

Press and PR
Accessing content from any device means that your team can keep up to date in the most appropriate way whilst also continuing to work, whether that is through a tablet PC, mobile smart phone or, owing to the small size of Tripleplay’s standard hardware, through a TV and set top box on their desk.

Recording and archiving can also be assigned for individuals, ensuring that they have access to any role relevant content at any time during their working day regardless of the time it was broadcast.

Features and Benefits

  • Assist in wayfinding for visitors and staff
  • Promote events, local and national news
  • Create more engaging communal areas
  • Archive and stream relevant and important TV and video footage
  • Enable access to content via personal devices
  • Create training and induction video libraries
  • Monitor training video access to maintain HR records
  • Integrate digital signage with IPTV and video streaming content

All Tripleplay solutions operate from a single server, meaning that all our digital signage, video on demand and IPTV solutions can be accessed and managed from one interface and very simply integrated into each other.