Digital Media in Enterprise

Improving internal communication and awareness is key to any corporate organisation trying to create an inclusive and rewarding environment for its staff. Many rely upon internal emails and intranet communications to relay important HR, Security, Promotional or Marketing information; often missed during a busy working day.

Through Tripleplay’s Digital Media solutions, in particular Digital Signage, corporate messages can be placed in strategic locations around your offices, outlets and corporate premises, providing up to the minute, relevant communications to those who are quickly passing by, awaiting visitors or taking a break.

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Entertaining and Welcoming Clients
Through the use of suitable digital media it is possible to increase customer acquisition and retention within branch or office, improve the delivery of marketing communications and ensures that all customers are ‘entertained’ whilst awaiting an appointment.

Integration of signage into a Video on Demand or IPTV streaming solution allows playback of Live TV or corporate videos, further strengthening brand messages but also bringing life to otherwise inert spaces.

Utilising the intelligent yet simple to use management interface of the TripleSign Digital Signage solution, any chosen member of staff can update content, design signage layouts, create playlists and keep content active, fresh and, most of all, impacting.

Provide training in bite size chunks
Tripleplay’s video streaming solution can also be utilised to provide an improved platform for delivering staff training and HR monitoring. By giving login access to corporate training, induction and instruction video content on their PC, Mobile Device or through an IP enabled TV your people can choose to learn in their own time, via their preferred medium, ensuring their personal needs are looked after.

By integration into Tripleplay’s management and monitoring solution your HR department have the ability to monitor who views what and when, with time stamps created on content as it is being accessed by members of your team.

Stream any content to any location
Utilising Tripleplay IPTV streaming solutions TV can be broadcast live to any desktop ensuring that your employees have access to relevant TV and media content as and when they need it. This can include sports or finance specific channels for journalists or traders for example.

Our TripleLive solution can also enable your organisation to create its own TV channels, streaming live camera footage to any TV or device on your network simultaneously, allowing presentations or announcements to be delivered to an entire workforce or to a specific grouping at any time and recorded for later playback.

Tripleplay solutions can also be integrated into document management solutions including Microsoft SharePoint and into Microsoft Lync.

Features & Benefits

  • Faster relaying of internal messaging to staff
  • A greater awareness of internal events and news
  • Improved cross department communications
  • Increased internal brand equity & consistency
  • Memorable visitor experience
  • Bring life to empty spaces
  • More flexible training processes
  • Live stream announcements and presentations to every member of staff

Our customers include Phonak, Peninsula, Cristal Global and many more.Tripleplay complete IP digital media solutions in a corporate environment create a wealth of opportunity for any business or enterprise.