Digital Media in Education

Digital Media creates opportunity for change and to relieve time pressures on both staff and students alike, whilst also creating revenue opportunities and ensuring exceptional facilities for all.

Whether there is a need to catalogue, archive and stream digital video content, record and deliver live lecture footage, improve internal communications or enable access to content anywhere and anytime, this can be achieved very simply using our digital media solutions.

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Digital Video Library
With the rise in availability and access to digital media content there has also come the need to manage and catalogue; in the same way we have to manage books in libraries.

With a digital video library all video content is managed centrally, uploaded to a single server and streamed to any classroom, PC or mobile device at any time and to as many users as require it.

Content can be individually uploaded, or recorded live from any video source or IPTV channel and tagged with search information including genre, family, subject or type, bookmarked for relevant content and added to by any user with suitable access rights.

So, not only do the materials become digital, saving physical storage space, but the means in which to view them become much easier to come by.

Licensing and content control
All learning institutions will face issues over content control, copyright and licensing of the media they own. How do you make sure content is only viewed when, where and by whom you choose?

Utilising the Tripleplay Media Portal IPTV and Video on Demand software solution, integrated into LDAP and Active Directory, you can control which users can access content, whether content is available on site, off site or both and when content is available.

This feature is a vital part of any digital media solution, ensuring that no laws and license conditions are unwittingly broken.

Communication and Promotion
The very same digital library solution can also be utilised to enable the provision of digital signage on any campus; creating a powerful and engaging communications method.

Additionally, integrated into the TripleTV IPTV system, TripleSign digital signage enables both the improvement of internal message communication and enlivens previously neutral spaces.

Utilising playlists and zoning functionality will empower individual faculties or departments to create and promote their own specific content, ensuring screens remain relevant and useful to all viewers.

Lecture Capture, Streaming & Archiving
The Tripleplay solution enables a live video stream to be broadcast via IPTV to any TV or digital signage screen around campus, allowing important addresses and messages to be delivered to all students, also enabling the ability to stream lectures live to web enabled devices.

This content can be simultaneously recorded and uploaded into the video library solution and accessed via the Media Portal from any device, enabling students and staff to view from any location that is deemed appropriate.

Virtual Learning Environments
Tripleplay's solutions can also be integrated into Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs), including Blackboard and Moodle. Please contact us for further details.

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