Digital Media in Banking

Tripleplay complete IP digital media solutions have been implemented within retail and investment banks around the world, strengthening brand in-branch, providing new means to provide training for employees and delivering live TV services for traders.

Our full suite of IPTV, video on demand and digital signage provides the technology to enable these advantages for any banking or financial organisation. It is a truly next generation digital platform.

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In-Branch Marketing
Digital signage will shorten time to deployment for marketing and corporate communications. Utilisation of our centrally managed digital signage solution will allow any organisation to reduce campaign launch cycles from weeks or months to hours and days.

Digital signage integrated into IPTV can also be used to help create a relaxing and modern environment within either the retail branch or reception areas of head office, allowing a mixture of live TV, recorded video, graphics, text and RSS feeds to inform and entertain waiting guests and visitors.

IPTV Services for Traders and Employees
Tripleplay IPTV solutions have been used by a number of investment banks to ensure that all appropriate employees are provided with TV services relevant to their job role, including channels such as Bloomberg and Reuters.

Streamed to the desktop via a set top box and TV screen or to a PC, tablet or Laptop via a fully branded web based user portal, our IPTV system distributes live TV and video streams via an existing LAN to as many users as required.

With comprehensive system management via a web interface, every employee can have their own set of channels and resources available including free-to-air, satellite and subscription TV.

Video for Training, Reference and Compliance
Our media user portal solution can also be utilised to store, catalogue and monitor use of video training resources, ensuring employees have access to necessary training collateral when needed.

With services deliverable to any PC, tablet or mobile device it is essential to control content, and our solution enables exactly that. Each item of content or IPTV channel can have its own permission settings and each user will have their own access levels; ensuring that no content is broadcast when or where it should not be.

Through our system management it is also possible to monitor who has watched what content, when, where and on what device, allowing HR departments can keep abreast of staff training, ensuring accurate records are kept.

As Tripleplay solutions are based upon a single server, implementation is simple with our core digital signage, IPTV and VOD streaming products operating in tandem or as standalone solutions without complex integration work. Download our Next Generation IPTV brochure here.