TripleVOD Video on Demand

An ability to access video content from any device at any time is something that has become a requisite part of life for the majority of technology users. And so, with this change, providing a high quality and flexible media service whilst controlling content access is now more important than ever.

By combining the TripleVOD solution with TripleStream it is possible to make content available anywhere, at any time and on any compatible device.

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TripleVOD is an expandable, standards based, multi-purpose, video on demand solution designed to allow administrators comprehensive control and the end user an exceptional experience.

TripleVOD streams high quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 content to a TV set via STB or PC/MAC via unicast with full video remote control functionality e.g. visual fast forward, rewind, pause and stop. A user can request, view and control (pause, stop, rewind, etc) a piece of film content at a time that suits them. Content can be controlled via an authorised log in (LDAP integration) or if a payment is required by using a PMS integration.

Supports both Standard and High Definition Content
TripleVOD can support multiple streams of either Standard Definition or High Definition video. An individual VOD system can support up to 200 concurrent Standard Definition streams depending on the hardware configuration. The system is modular in its design allowing a customer to add additional servers to meet increases in demand.

The TripleVOD system captures content access data and system usage information e.g. when a piece of content is accessed or the number of times a user presses pause. This data can be output as a CSV file and compared with the buy information held within the subscriber management system for billing or audit information. Access to the data contained within the VOD platform is by a web based management system.