TripleNGen TV - The Next Generation IPTV Platform

We believe that an IPTV system needs to be more than just video over cat5, more than just distribution of live broadcast to television screens; we believe that an IPTV solution needs to be a true business solution that offers great value, ease of use, quality and flexibility.

Tripleplay has developed a next generation of television platform that adheres to security, business, communications and integration requirements, delivering HD video and IPTV to any device on any network, at an affordable cost.

Our Triple NGenTV IPTV platform offers an array of features and benefits, including;

  • Delivery to PC clients, Smart TV, STB, Mobile Devices
  • LDAP, Active Directory, SAML login support
  • User profiling and access control
  • Integrated digital signage solution
  • Support for broadcasting, recording and archiving events, video conferences and market data feeds
  • Integration into room control systems – AMX, Creston for example
  • Integration into Microsoft Sharepoint and Lync
  • HD or SD content delivery
  • Standard browser based management and control interface 24/7 global support
  • Clustering for redundancy and resilience

Already deployed onto networks at a variety of global banks, corporate headquarters, government offices, universities and sports clubs around the world, our solution is tried, tested and trusted, contact us today for a demonstration or for more information, or download our brochure here.