Tripleplay Mobile Media Application

Live streams, Live TV, VOD, Upload, Secure Download, Messaging, Chat

Using Tripleplay streaming and IPTV technology, the Tripleplay Mobile Media Application (MMA) is an integrated platform for viewing, uploading, offline viewing and sharing of media content and comes complete with built-in messaging, forms and chat features.


  • Live TV - Streaming Live TV and Camera Feeds to Mobile Devices
  • Video Content - Access uploaded music, video and imagery
  • My Content - Create personalised content libraries
  • Upload - Upload from iCloud, device library or direct from camera
  • Download - Securely download encrypted content for offline viewing
  • Secure Messaging - Send individual or group messaging to app users, incorporating video content
  • Calendars - Integrate calendars to provide live updates to app users
  • Forms - Send out questionnaires and feedback forms to users
  • Chat - Securely chat to other colleagues or groups of colleagues using Mobile Media
  • Favourites - Favourite items for quick and easy access
  • Search - intelligently search content, including capability to meta tag from sports analytics software
  • Available on Android and iOS

Tripleplay’s Mobile Media Application is a safe and secure, controlled, high quality media delivery and communications platform that can be integrated into any Tripleplay IPTV and Video Streaming environment.

Mobile Media App