Low Latency HD IPTV Encoder

Tripleplay’s low latency HD Encoder is available in both two channel and four channel options, both delivered as 1U, 19” rack mount units. In the two channel solution the HD Encoder comes with a single HDMI and single HD-SDI input, whilst the four channel solution comes complete with two HDMI inputs and two HD-SDI inputs.

The Tripleplay HD Encoder has an overall latency of better than 100mSecs and can deliver glass-to-glass latency of between 250 and 400mSecs*, and can be used as part of wider Tripleplay IPTV, Digital Signage and Video Streaming solution.

With full 1080p resolution, the Tripleplay Low Latency HD encoder provides the smooth, high quality and professional picture quality you cannot get with 1080i delivery. This makes it an ideal solution for fast moving environments such as sports stadia and arena.

Our low latency encoder generates an MPEG output stream that is compatible with all Tripleplay supported devices and products including Amino Set Top Boxes, Smart TVs, Samsung SSP, PC Players, recording solutions and our streaming interfaces, meaning no special decoder units are required to achieve low latency MPEG over IP.

The solution can be managed as a standalone unit, via SNMP and through a web browser.

*Glass-to-glass latency is affected not only by the encoder but by the configuration of network, network devices, cameras and decoders for example.