Samsung SSP

The Power of Tripleplay direct to Samsung SSP Smart TVs

Tripleplay and Samsung have partnered to deliver a world leading single platform video streaming, IPTV and Digital Signage solution direct to Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform (SSP). This integration allows the delivery of live TV, video streams and digital signage directly to Samsung SSP screens without the need for an external set top box or digital signage player.

The solution contains all of the existing features of the Tripleplay platform, ensuring that the choice to implement does not mean compromise.

Tripleplay Samsung SSP Integration

Tripleplay is the only solution in the world to currently deliver live multicast video streams to SSSP screens securely, encrypted with LYNK DRM, meaning you lose none of our usual high level of security either.

Utilising the Samsung Smart Signage Platform allows the end user to reduce cost of ownership for the total solution, while also harnessing the power of the full codec, high performance processor of the Samsung TV and the usual feature set of the Tripleplay platform.

Features include;

  • Playlist, group, scheduling and event override support
  • Content creation and management
  • Multicast live TV video streams integrated into digital signage with LYNK DRM (not available on SSSP2 screens)
  • Integrated workflow management
  • Graphic overlay PNG, animated GIF and JPG support

Delivered via the Tripleplay single platform users of the SSSP platform with Tripleplay can also benefit from the ability to deliver recorded video content to mobile devices, PCs, set top boxes, videowalls, thin clients and PC players.

Alongside our Interactive IPTV Portal integration for Samsung’s H-Browser range of hospitality TVs, Tripleplay can deliver an entire IPTV and Digital Signage network without any external STBs if required; the only digital media developer in the world accredited to deliver both solutions. Download brochure now.

Screen Compatibility

Screen Compatibility

Tripleplay's solutions are still available and will continue to be supported on Amino Set Top Boxes, Shuttle 4K Players and Intel NUC PC Players.