Sports and Technology, happy play mates

It seems that barely a moment goes by without another major sporting event hitting our TV screens and dominating our mainstream and social media feeds.

In the past six weeks alone we’ve had the European Football Championships, Copa America, Wimbledon Open, the British and US Open Golf, the French Open, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals and the Tour de France.

Have a breather and prepare for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Connecting in and out of the stadium

I recently attended SportPro Live and the Twickenham Tech Day events and both have drilled home the fact there is a huge buzz around the whole of the sports world regarding connecting with fans, driving content and monetising supporter base.

At the very heart of this is the ‘connected stadium’ piece of the puzzle, the ability to connect fans inside and outside an arena to premium content, services, offers and each other in some cases.

AV is in the thick of IT

It is time to stop hiding, AV/IT convergence is already here

The market is catching up, industry press, consultants, integrators are all starting to see the importance of embracing the fact that AV is now an IT concern. The minute you plug a CAT5 cable into the back of a piece of technology and plug the other end into an Ethernet socket you are making that technology a part of your IT network.

It is as simple as that.

DSign: Content with your Content?

Many organisations face their biggest challenges not in hardware but in the development and management of content. There are a few ideas worth considering to help ease the load of creating and updating content.

The Tripleplay User Group Sets Sail

As most of you are well aware, last week was Tripleplay’s first ever User Group Event, held on the HMS Belfast in London. The event provided a chance for us to show off our new releases and best practice of our products, as well as an excellent opportunity to hear your ever important feedback. Thankfully, it was a huge success and we are already planning for next year!

Tripleplay decided to hold this event after realising there was an appetite for it from our user base and understanding that it would be a superb opportunity to hear how our platform works on a day-to-day basis.

Samsung SSP: A digital sign of things to come?

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform (SSP) technology has well and truly put the cat amongst the pigeons in the digital signage world. Having opened up their platform to allow some of the world’s leading digital signage vendors to develop solutions directly onto its Smart TV chip set, Samsung has thrown down the gauntlet to the digital signage PC player and set top box world and simultaneously set itself aside from other screen vendors.

Well played Samsung.

Beyond Bedside TV: Digital in Healthcare

As expectations for access to digital technology in everyday lives continue to rise, so too has a certain pressure on healthcare institutions to deliver a digitally enhanced, patient centric experience.

Nowadays, patients expect a high level of comfort and easy access to a variety of modern conveniences throughout periods of care. One of the most anticipated is the availability of modern entertainment, information and communication services. However, existing and often outdated IT infrastructures, regulatory barriers and security concerns can make it difficult for many healthcare facilities to advance their technology offering.

Video in Business: The Demand for On-Demand

In today’s world, video seems such a familiar everyday tool that it is easy to forget its recent adoption and growth within the market and as the accessibility of digital video content continues to rise, coupled with the reliability of high speed broadband networks, many businesses are already appreciating the richness and engaging potential of video, with an ever soaring demand to use it more in the workplace.

Visual is vital when it comes to business, with high quality graphics, new visual languages, rich and diverse media content as well as lower production costs, all attributing to how businesses are choosing to communicate.

A Sporting Revolution: The Evolution of the Manager?

There is something happening in the world of football right now that is in its infancy but is revolutionary and could cause a big change to the way football managers operate; the arrival of football analytics has the potential to alter the role of the football manager forever.

The journey begins with Danish football club FC Midtjyland and its owner Rasmus Ankerson. This is a football chairman who has put his faith not in a football manager but a team of analysts from the betting industry. This has proven to be successful for the Danish team, and their progress has been considerable enough for teams in the UK to have now sat up and taken note.

Lecture Capture: Flipping the learning experience

Having the facility to stream and record live video is fast becoming an essential requirement for educational institutions, with the implementation of lecture capture technology offering a myriad of benefits for students and staff alike.

In recent years, the adoption of lecture capture solutions (LCS) by higher education organisations in particular, has enjoyed a steady growth, seen as the ideal solution for blended learning programmes and ‘flipped’ classroom environments, as well as offering a significant financial investment for the institution if a robust, secure and intuitive solution is selected.